Frisée and Grapefruit Salad

When we were travelling in the States Adam picked up a Creole style cooking magazine.  He and I LOVE Creole food but I don’t know the first thing about making it.  Look forward to some of that coming hopefully really soon if it works out for me! One recipe in this magazine that kind of threw me for a loop was this frisée and grapefruit salad.  I mean is that the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cajun cuisine?  Certainly isn’t for me, but it looked so fresh and summery that I couldn’t resist trying it out.  Now this isn’t really my type of salad in that I usually like something heartier. However, as a side dish it is light and refreshing and a great way to add some wonderful, fresh flavours to your meal.


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Cheesey Caramelized Onion Beer Bread

My boyfriend made beer! How cool is that?! I didn’t actually know you could make beer until about a year ago. I must say it turned out quite well and could totally be sold in a liquor store as a hot commodity! I’ve seen a few recipes for beer bread and decided to try one for myself. Since we have an abundance of stout beer, this seemed to be the best opportunity!
Cheesy Caramelized Onion Beer Bread

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Cream of Asparagus Soup

Spring is the best time of year to get fresh asparagus. Did you know there are actually both male and female asparagus? Kinda crazy eh?? The female asparagus are the ones that produce seeds (of course), which make the size of the stalks much smaller than male asparagus. Male asparagus are the ones that are typically bought at your grocery store for consumption. Yep, that’s my fact of the day!

Cream of Asparagus Soup4


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Easter Roundup

Happy Easter everyone! Whether you celebrate or not it’s always nice to have a few recipe ideas for holidays. Even for one’s that I don’t really celebrate I still like to make something special. My parents are away this Easter so Adam and I are actually in Portland for the weekend. We probably won’t be having any Easter type meal this weekend but if I was cooking one, these are some of the recipes I would look to!

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Coconut Chips Two Ways

Coconut chips are my latest obsession.  If you are a fan of coconut and you haven’t tried these yet, you are in for a tasty surprise.  Adam and I are in Portland this weekend and I decided to make some healthy snacks for the road.  It’s always tempting when you’re driving a long distance to stop for fast food or gas station snacks.  Although it doesn’t always happen, I prefer to be prepared with some healthy snacks so that we can just get to where we’re going and feel good when we get there.


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Candice’s Top 5 Kitchen Must Haves

Are you often stuck feeling unsure of what utensils or kitchen supplies/appliances are the most important and which are moreso useless? I have compiled a list of my favorite kitchen accessories I simply could not do without.  I do quite a bit of baking and cooking, so if you are like me and enjoy spending an entire day in the kitchen when the weather is lame, you should definitely check out this list!

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Quinoa Spinach Omelette Bites

There has been lots and lots of baking going on at my place. What can I say I love baking! I think it’s time to start showing you that I really don’t sit around all day and eat sweets, and that I actually do eat quite healthy! Sure I eat the occasional baked good, but hey everything in moderation right?! As you probably know, quinoa is one of my favorite grains and I love using it in different salads. However, sometimes you just gotta try something different!

Quinoa Spinach Omelette Bites4

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Cheesy Leek Garlic Bread

Well you know one thing, your breath is going to smell REALLY great after eating this bread. Seriously though, I wouldn’t recommend making this for a first date and probably not even a second or a third. BUT regardless of how it makes your breath smell, it is really delicious comfort type food. You can’t go wrong with bread and cheese can you? These are two of the things I crave probably more than anything else. They are of course not quite the healthiest things to indulge in but that’s exactly what it is – an indulgence. Next time you’re having a major carb craving try this one out. It would go great as a side for pasta or chicken (or both)!


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Quinoa Coconut Granola Bars

Adam went to the grocery showcase this past weekend at the Vancouver Convention Centre and picked up a ton of delicious, organic products and samples.  One I was really intrigued to test out was Naked Coconuts Raw Organic Coconut Nectar. If you haven’t heard of coconut nectar before it is a low glycemic, low fructose natural sweetener. This particular brand is gluten free, GMO free and vegan. I have never even tried it before and I have to say it was surprisingly tasty but if you’re wondering, it doesn’t taste like coconut at all. I’ve been meaning to make some quinoa granola bars for a while never ever since I was given a sample on my way to work a while back. Now I had the perfect opportunity to see how this nectar panned out as a sweetener and it worked perfectly!


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Mediterranean Turkey Sliders

There is nothing quite like the taste of home made burgers.  They are truly phenomenal!  I mean how many restaurants do you go to where you can choose what you put INSIDE the patty?  Not many at all!  The possibilities for flavour are endless, and as I’ve found, the more stuff you put in your patties, the better they taste!  Once you’ve made a few burgers you really don’t need a recipe and can almost envision what exactly the burger will taste like before you cook it up and eat it!

Mediterranean Turkey Burgers3

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