Orange and Avocado Salad with Vinaigrette

orange avocado salad

Orange and Salads Recipes with Avocado and Vinaigrette

Aloha! I’ve just got back from a 10 day trip to Maui!

It was so lovely spending quality time with just my family in the beautiful sun!

We had some great experiences including seeing a ton of whales while whale watching, seeing turtles while snorkeling, going to a luau (my first one), coming across a random Katy Perry concert and fireworks show, and watching the ever so beautiful Hawaiian sunsets.

One thing is for certain… I ate and drank wayyyy too much! I will pretty much be eating salad for the next week to clean out all the booze and chips I consumed at happy hour (every day)!

So, here is a fantastic salad that you could have for lunch or dinner. This orange and avocado salad is actually awesome whether it’s warm or cold out!

Creamy avocado pairs perfectly with tangy citrus in my opinion especially when mixed with a nice vinaigrette. Not only is this salad super fresh and delicious, but it’s also packed with vitamin C to help fight those winter colds/flus.

For you information, my recipe above are adopted from Tasty Kitchen recipe that can be watched in this video.