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The 7 Reason Why I Keep Having a Green Smoothie Diet

Smoothie Diet

Looking at the latest nutrition trends, I bet you’ve realized that there is quite a fuss over the green smoothie. And possibly, you are wondering, why all the fuss? Green smoothies? Why green? How is it nutritious? What does it do?

Well, you might not know this, but a good number of people are drinking green smoothies every morning as a means to get a daily dose of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Some, drink this smoothie as a weight loss drink while some take it for purposes of cleansing and body detox.

Regardless of why you get on the green smoothie diet, the fact remains that it is a highly nutritious drink that I would recommend to start you out your weight loss journey and healthy living.

That said, continue with this read to find out more about this smoothie diet craze, what it is, its benefits and other useful facts.

What is a green smoothie diet?

First off, this is a low-calorie diet that involves eating and drinking natural smoothies made with mostly fruits and vegetables.

Green smoothies are more or less like fruit juice; only that the green smoothies have vegetables added to them.

Don’t get the name twisted though because your green smoothie can sometimes be purple, yellow, chocolate, or even orange depending on the ingredients you use. It doesn’t necessarily have to be green.

In that same light, you should note that green smoothies don’t just comprise of fruits and vegetables but also include healthy fats, proteins and amino acids that make them more comprehensive and substantial.

Here is the reason why you should drink green smoothie

There are very many benefits to drinking green smoothies on a regular basis. These include;

1. Increases your vegetable intake

Vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet. Unfortunately, not most people find the thought of eating many servings of vegetables each day pleasant and this tends to discourage them from following a healthy diet.

If you are one of the people, who dread eating vegetables, blending them with tasty fruits and other ingredients can be an excellent way to get those greens down your throat.

2. Easy to digest

Because they are already blended, green smoothies are easy to digest since the body doesn’t need to work too much to liquefy the food for absorption of nutrients to take place.

3. Provides bursts of energy

Wondering how? Well, smoothies, unlike juices, contain lots of veggies that help to balance the amount of sugar in them. This way, less metabolism takes place, and as a result, your body experiences lots of energy throughout the day.

4. It helps you controls craving

If you are looking to lose weight, then a diet of green smoothies will do you some good.

These smoothies contain lots of fiber and water too. When you drink a glass of smoothie in the morning, you will be full most of the day, and thus you won’t feel the need to bite on a snack now and then, or anything like that.

The ability to fight hunger and cravings is a significant milestone in losing unhealthy body weight.

5. They are easy to make

Smoothies are very easy to make. All you need is a good blender (not an expensive one), fruits, vegetables and other preferred ingredients and you are good to go. It can you less than 5 minutes to prepare a green smoothie.

6. Green smoothies are super delicious

Forget about the stories indicating that green smoothies are unpleasant. Because these are from people, who are yet to know how to make the perfect green smoothies.

Well, here is a secret. When starting on green smoothies, you need to go slow with the vegetables. Avoid vegetables like kale in the first few days as this may not impress your taste buds.

Instead, start with vegetables like spinach and cabbage whose flavor you can master quickly.

As you do this, remember to introduce the vegetables gradually. Start with the smaller veggie to fruit ratio then adjust it as you get used to the green flavor. With time, you’ll figure the perfect smoothie ratio gives you that balanced taste and adequate health benefits.

Trust me; once you have this figured out, you will start enjoying your smoothies better and even begin to crave for the green flavor.

7. Green smoothies have excellent cleansing ability

The greens included in these smoothies contain chlorophyll that is known to be an excellent cleansing agent. Chlorophyll cleanses the body and also builds blood.

Other benefits of green smoothies are;

  • It helps to regulate the body PH
  • And it has antioxidants that help to fight free radicals and also helps the skin to glow.

In a nutshell,

A diet of green smoothies (and this you can take to the bank) is an easy and rapid way of losing weight and burning fat. The diet is inexpensive, easy to follow and is healthy. It is one of the best regimens you can follow if you are looking to detox and lose weight naturally.