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Determining The Best Smoothie Blender That Suits Your Budget

Best Budget Blender

Determining the Best Budget Blender For Smoothies

Blenders have in the recent past become popular in several households. It is a sign that indeed many people are becoming more conscious of their wellbeing and embracing healthy eating like me.

If you search on the market, whether online or offline, you’ll get quite a considerable number of models from different brands.

It is ideal because it gives you a chance to select what preferably suits you in all aspects. On the other hand, it makes it a little bit hard for you to pick the best one due to the imminent confusion of what to choose.

The most important thing that you need to do before thinking of selecting any particular type of blender is establishing your budget.

The moment you’re sure of the amount you’re likely to spend on obtaining a smoothie maker, then it becomes easier to find a better option for that price range.

You have to remember there is always anything for everything. Whether highly-priced, mid-range or lowly-priced options are all available. So you should never despair, irrespective of what you’re working on.

Factors to evaluate when buying smoothie blender

When you regularly drink green smoothie like I do, having a good blender for smoothies is very crucial. You want to have a blender that will able to serve your daily smoothie intake.

Since you’ve probably established your budget, it now becomes imperative to understand some aspects that define a good blender that will serve you appropriately in making your smoothies.

One thing that you ought to know is that a good smoothie maker is often defined by the quality of drink it makes. It needs to be excellent and free from chunks.

So let’s look at how fundamental factors can help to establish the amount of money you should spend on buying this machine.


Blenders come in different kinds based on intent. Some are designed to be used exclusively in the kitchen, also known as countertops while others are meant for commercial blending.

Some blenders are also designed to be used anywhere, commonly known as hand-held blenders. These are the portable ones, relatively small and use a different power source for blending.

In this regard, you ought to understand which particular type will be able to solve your needs. If you are buying for let’s say a smoothie bar, then the best option is to go for commercial blender.

Most of them are sizeable and come with specific features tailored to ensure they are efficient to enable you to attain best results.

For typical household blending, you may just go for a countertop blender. The particular size and other essential features also depend on your individual needs such as the quantity you’d prepare among others.

But if you’re the kind of person who likes to take the smoothie anywhere; be it office, at the gym’ campsite or even when traveling, an ideal choice of the blender to go for is the hand-held.

You may want to check these two blenders on the go nutribullet vs ninja which known as the best choice for on the go blender for making smoothie.

Most of them are convenient, portable, simple to operate and also have come with useful accessories to enhance your blending and drinking experience while away from home.


Typically, every blender manufacturer comes with their price tag on any of their model. Some are quite costly whereas others are remarkably affordable.

Several factors define why a brand would choose to price its products differently. Some of them have stood the test of time regarding quality and performance of their models.

Other on the other hand are primarily just hitting the market and perhaps finding it difficult to efficiently penetrate especially if their products’ price match those of already established brands.

But one thing I can tell you is that not all products from established brands are superior, and not all models from relatively new brands are inferior.

Even though most products from new brands are often lowly priced compared to their established counterparts, it does not translate to poor quality or low performance.

You there need not to disregard the new brands solely on the basis of the substantial price range.

What often happens is that competition is often high hence making it difficult for some of the unknown brands to comfortably penetrate in the market. Therefore a better approach is always by lowering price.

Furthermore, some brands also offer Certified Refurbished products options for those looking for the high-quality models but cannot necessarily afford to get them because of the costly price.


An ideal blender should allow you to make a wide range of smoothies from different food ingredients.

What this suggests is that it should be able to puree different fruits, vegetables, and other recipes and make great drinks.

The good thing with a versatile blender is that it allows you to use it in carrying out several gastronomic activities from one device.

This essential especially in food preparation where you need to smash some ingredients before using them. So you just put them in the blender, crush, chop or smash then use them accordingly.

Additional Components Best Budget Blender

It is more likely that you’ll find some blenders that come with extra accessories. The good thing about this is that it helps you in avoiding other unnecessary costs that you would otherwise incur if you have to purchase such components separately.

In the long run, if you get let’s say a blender that comes with extra cups, you will be able to serve all your guests with perhaps a pineapple smoothie in equal proportions all at once.

As you can see, you would otherwise have purchased the extra cups suppose you didn’t get them with the blender.

Another benefit for these is that these extra accessories are in most cases patented. This helps in bringing the visual appeal and making the entire table attractive even as you drink your smoothie with your family or guests.

Ordinarily, it can be easy to determine the idea blender that suits your needs especially after considering some or all of the factors mentioned above.

One important thing that you need to do is to ensure that you window shop for your preferred type in different stores, whether online or offline.

This way, you will be able to compare the prices of different manufacturers such that it becomes easy to pick one with best deals.

Healthy Tips

Some Essential Tips for Making a Healthiest Smoothies -The Do’s And Don’ts I Thought You Should Know

Healthiest Smoothies

Search up the term “smoothie” right now, and you’ll see how these thick mix of fruits, vegetables among other ingredients have taken the world by a storm. Youngsters, oldies, men and women alike gulp glass after glass of smoothies to ensure that they maintain their best health and body.

Well, this is a good move given the fact that over 80% of people across the globe live unhealthy lifestyles (combination of hectic schedules, imbalanced diets and lack of exercise). This, in turn, tends to take a heavy toll on their health and physical wellbeing.

Listen, following a healthy lifestyle is vital for all of us. It is an excellent way of increasing your longevity and living a disease-free life. It also helps to maintain healthy body weight and shape.

So you see, smoothie no matter how unpleasant they might appear to some, are super beneficial and that is why most people have taken on the smoothie craze.

But why smoothies?

  • Smoothies are very easy to make
  • They are super tasty if the ingredients are combined well
  • They are filling. Trust me; you won’t need to spend money on unnecessary cravings during the day
  • They give you’re the freedom to use your preferred ingredients
  • Most of all, smoothies are healthy. If you prepare your smoothie with the correct ingredients, you could obtain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants

Beside those reasons you may want to read my article my 7 Reasons Why I Keep Having a Green Smoothie

However, for you to be able to enjoy all the goodness that smoothies bring, you need to know a few basic rules to make your smoothies a success.

Because if you don’t, there is a chance that you won’t be happy with what you make and will be discouraged too quickly, even before this excellent drink becomes a part of your life.

So what now?

Just read on; this article will describe a few do’s and don’ts as part of the essentials tips for making a healthy smoothie.

The don’ts

These are the things that you shouldn’t do or use when making a healthy smoothie.

1. Don’t use sugar and processed ingredients

Too much sugar is obviously not good for our health and most especially if it’s processed sugar.

Fine, not all smoothies taste great especially the green smoothies. But using sugar to spike up the flavor isn’t the best solution. If you have a sweet tooth, you can always add in more fruits.

Fruits? Yes. Most fruits are sweet. They contain natural sugars and so are helpful in sweetening your smoothies. You could try using bananas, mangoes, pears, pineapples, fenugreek, etc. beets and dates are also great natural sweeteners.

2. Don’t rely on fruit juices

Most people tend to use fruit juices to sweeten their smoothies. But then this is not advisable because fruit juices contain too much sugar.

Remember that you already have fruits in your smoothie which have sugar, so if you add this to the amount of sugar present in the fruit juices, then your smoothie ceases to be healthy.

So instead of using fruit juices as your base when making smoothies, you can use coconut milk, natural yogurt, low-fat milk, almond milk, oat milk, soy, hemp seed milk or just water.

3. Don’t throw everything in at once

Honestly, don’t just throw in everything into the blender. You need to measure out your ingredients to get a super delicious and nutritious smoothie full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Not measuring ingredients is a mistake that most people make when preparing their smoothies. They forget the essence of measuring ingredients and end up tossing and drizzling handfuls of calories, fats, and sugar in their drink which ironically is supposed to be a healthy drink.

Take note that smoothie ingredients need to be measured. And this has to be done correctly to ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients as well as a perfect solid to liquid ratio.

The Do’s

fresh fruits

1. Do use fresh fruits

Fresh fruits make the best smoothies. They are healthy and have an authentic taste. Frozen fruits are equally healthy and effective for making healthy smoothies.

You can buy fresh fruits in bulk and freeze them yourself to have ingredients for smoothies even when they are not in season.

2. Do include fresh vegetables

Vegetables are a must-have ingredient for a healthy smoothie. Just ensure that you don’t dive into bitter greens like kale first. Start out with vegetables that have an easy-to-mask flavor like spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage to avoid the temptation of lacing your smoothies with too much sugar.

3. Do blend in some healthiest smoothies protein and fat

We are making a healthy smoothie, and that can’t be if it lacks some protein in it.

Nonetheless, when we talk of protein don’t think protein powder as these are filled with unprocessed ingredients that might be harmful to your health.

Instead, think nut butter, flax seeds, oats, Avocado, almonds, and soy. These are very healthy fats and proteins. They also kind of blend well with other ingredients.

The good thing about smoothies is that you are free to experiment with as many ingredients as you want. So feel free to try them all out until you find combinations that work for you. Otherwise, get your blender and go healthy with smoothies.