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Some Essential Tips for Making a Healthiest Smoothies -The Do’s And Don’ts I Thought You Should Know

Healthiest Smoothies

Search up the term “smoothie” right now, and you’ll see how these thick mix of fruits, vegetables among other ingredients have taken the world by a storm. Youngsters, oldies, men and women alike gulp glass after glass of smoothies to ensure that they maintain their best health and body.

Well, this is a good move given the fact that over 80% of people across the globe live unhealthy lifestyles (combination of hectic schedules, imbalanced diets and lack of exercise). This, in turn, tends to take a heavy toll on their health and physical wellbeing.

Listen, following a healthy lifestyle is vital for all of us. It is an excellent way of increasing your longevity and living a disease-free life. It also helps to maintain healthy body weight and shape.

So you see, smoothie no matter how unpleasant they might appear to some, are super beneficial and that is why most people have taken on the smoothie craze.

But why smoothies?

  • Smoothies are very easy to make
  • They are super tasty if the ingredients are combined well
  • They are filling. Trust me; you won’t need to spend money on unnecessary cravings during the day
  • They give you’re the freedom to use your preferred ingredients
  • Most of all, smoothies are healthy. If you prepare your smoothie with the correct ingredients, you could obtain all the essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants

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However, for you to be able to enjoy all the goodness that smoothies bring, you need to know a few basic rules to make your smoothies a success.

Because if you don’t, there is a chance that you won’t be happy with what you make and will be discouraged too quickly, even before this excellent drink becomes a part of your life.

So what now?

Just read on; this article will describe a few do’s and don’ts as part of the essentials tips for making a healthy smoothie.

The don’ts

These are the things that you shouldn’t do or use when making a healthy smoothie.

1. Don’t use sugar and processed ingredients

Too much sugar is obviously not good for our health and most especially if it’s processed sugar.

Fine, not all smoothies taste great especially the green smoothies. But using sugar to spike up the flavor isn’t the best solution. If you have a sweet tooth, you can always add in more fruits.

Fruits? Yes. Most fruits are sweet. They contain natural sugars and so are helpful in sweetening your smoothies. You could try using bananas, mangoes, pears, pineapples, fenugreek, etc. beets and dates are also great natural sweeteners.

2. Don’t rely on fruit juices

Most people tend to use fruit juices to sweeten their smoothies. But then this is not advisable because fruit juices contain too much sugar.

Remember that you already have fruits in your smoothie which have sugar, so if you add this to the amount of sugar present in the fruit juices, then your smoothie ceases to be healthy.

So instead of using fruit juices as your base when making smoothies, you can use coconut milk, natural yogurt, low-fat milk, almond milk, oat milk, soy, hemp seed milk or just water.

3. Don’t throw everything in at once

Honestly, don’t just throw in everything into the blender. You need to measure out your ingredients to get a super delicious and nutritious smoothie full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Not measuring ingredients is a mistake that most people make when preparing their smoothies. They forget the essence of measuring ingredients and end up tossing and drizzling handfuls of calories, fats, and sugar in their drink which ironically is supposed to be a healthy drink.

Take note that smoothie ingredients need to be measured. And this has to be done correctly to ensure that you get the right amount of nutrients as well as a perfect solid to liquid ratio.

The Do’s

fresh fruits

1. Do use fresh fruits

Fresh fruits make the best smoothies. They are healthy and have an authentic taste. Frozen fruits are equally healthy and effective for making healthy smoothies.

You can buy fresh fruits in bulk and freeze them yourself to have ingredients for smoothies even when they are not in season.

2. Do include fresh vegetables

Vegetables are a must-have ingredient for a healthy smoothie. Just ensure that you don’t dive into bitter greens like kale first. Start out with vegetables that have an easy-to-mask flavor like spinach, cauliflower, and cabbage to avoid the temptation of lacing your smoothies with too much sugar.

3. Do blend in some healthiest smoothies protein and fat

We are making a healthy smoothie, and that can’t be if it lacks some protein in it.

Nonetheless, when we talk of protein don’t think protein powder as these are filled with unprocessed ingredients that might be harmful to your health.

Instead, think nut butter, flax seeds, oats, Avocado, almonds, and soy. These are very healthy fats and proteins. They also kind of blend well with other ingredients.

The good thing about smoothies is that you are free to experiment with as many ingredients as you want. So feel free to try them all out until you find combinations that work for you. Otherwise, get your blender and go healthy with smoothies.


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