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What is the Right Type of Lawn Mowers for You?

Type of Lawn Mowers

A beautiful lawn is everyone’s desire. Many homeowners see mowing the park as an unwelcome chore, but they want to have a beautiful garden. Have beautiful garden also can make your body refresh and healthy. See my other tips to get more healthy.

So, how to mow a lawn and make your beautiful garden? It will be handy and save time and energy if we know the step of mowing the lawn. The levels to harvest your garden are : Use the good lawn mower for your yard, Keep your mower blades sharp and clear of debris, Set your mowing height based on your grass type(s) and climate, Mow a Dry Lawn (The best time to mow a lawn is in the early evening), Vary Your Mowing Pattern,Leave Grass Clippings on Your Lawn and Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp. You certainly know the width of your lawn and how many feet to a yard.

If you want to start to mow your lawn, Do you have the right lawn mower type for your garden? A beautiful garden starts with the right mower. In the first step, you should have a right lawn mower for your lawn. In this article, we will focus to give you some information to find the Right Lawn Mower Type for Your Yard. Three factors determine what type of lawn mower you need: your lawn size, level of terrain (flat or hilly), and the number and variety of obstacles (trees, flower beds, etc.). Don’t forget to Compare the features and costs. Here are several types of lawn mower :

Type of Lawn Mowers

1. Push Mowers

This is a manual lawn mower, and If you have a lawn under 500 square feet, you can use this lawn mower efficiently. A push mower is a low maintenance and eco-friendly (No Engine). You must move a bit faster to activate the blades properly, and it can be stored vertically against the wall. This push reel mower from the Great States we can get this tool $ 83, the standard 16″ wide and can go up to 20″ or down to 14″ wide. You can use 20 “to cut a wider path. This will take more effort and navigate than the small version, for a price of about $ 80- $ 110.


2. Walk-Behind Mowers

What Is A Walk-Behind Lawn Mower? In America, Walk-Behind Mowers have become a favorite tool. This is a tool that refers to any mower the user either guides or pushes forward from the rear. Walk-behind mowers are available in 20 “-22” sizes. To have this mower, you need to measure the yard gate or shed door, and you surely have enough room to maneuver your mower. Here are other significant features you must know when selecting a walk-behind mower :

a. Gas or electric:

The gas-powered engine has a longer runtime and offers more power than electricity. It’s noisy and Pollutes the air. The price around $ 100- $ 400 or more according to the quality.

Electric mowers are easy to start, Runs clean and do not pollute the air. It’s not noisy and disturbs you with exhaust, but it has less power than a gas engine. The most important is they are also simpler to maintain, with no tune-ups or oil changes required and no fuel to store. The way they work can be corded or cordless and cleaner to operate than gas, but unless you have two batteries (for without cables).

b. Push or self-propelled:

What Mower Is Right For You, Push or Self-Propelled? Push Mowers are ideal for flat yards under a ¼ acre, and Self-Propelled Mowers are perfect for yards up to ¾ acre. If self-propelled, you must know is it two or all-wheel drive? All-wheel drive is more massive and can be more difficult to maneuver, but it will provide more assistance going up inclines.

One of the famous model, this Poulan Pro model, is a small push mower that only weighs 51 lbs. It is ideal for small yard butfor larger yards with inclines, and I recommend to take a self-propelled mower like the Lawn Boy from Toro because the work will be done quickly and with less effort.

c. Cutting type:

Here are three ways deal with grass clippings: Side discharge, which distributes the clippings back onto the lawn; mulching, which cuts clippings into beautiful pieces that break down and release nutrients back into the soil; and bagging, which collects clippings into a bag that are dumped with yard waste. The Walk-Behind Mowers handles grass clippings in one of the three ways. You can find, all three cutting options offered by some mowers like Husqvarna 5521P.

3. Go for a ride if you have a huge lawn

A riding mower or ride-on lawnmower is a type of lawn mower on which the operator is seated, and you will feel more comfortable when using this mower. If you need more than two hours to mow your lawn, it may be you must upgrade your mower. You will enjoy using this mower because riding mowers have a rear-mounted motor and you can sit comfortably. They’re so fast. The price start from $600-$1000.

A lawn tractor can start at $1,500 and run upwards of $4,000 or more. There are some advanced features to look for include four-wheel steering, headlights, high-back seats, 12-volt outlets, and cruise control. The lawn tractor is the best choice if you need more powerful engines and broader cutting decks.
A zero-turn riding lawn mower is a standard riding lawn mower with a turning radius that is effectively zero. The price can start at $2,500 and go beyond $ 12,000.Zero turns are made for one purpose only, mowing grass. It’s right they harvest quickly and will save you time trimming around obstacles, but you must know they are not designed to pull things.

Remember, don’t forget to try the mower that you need before you buy .make sure you buy the right lawn mower type for your yard. After reading this article, I hope now you have a correct answer to this question “ What is the Right Lawn Mower for You?”


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